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On his socks and hiking boots. Brie was looking over the body, mentally cataloging the damage from images the fall. When she got to his hands, she paused. The skin on his right hand had been completely scraped off. Strange, she thought.

It almost looked like he had grabbed for something on the way down. In that fateful moment, when he went over the edge, could he have changed his mind? Had he tried to grasp at something, tried to save himself, tried to call back his deadly decision? The only other possibility immediately registered in her detective's mind. He sex pics hadn't gone over voluntarily. But, thinking about Madie's death and the suicide note, she was inclined to dismiss this possibility. Brie stood up and walked to the edge sex of the cliff where she'd last seen Tim alive.

She looked over. Approximately ten and again twenty feet below the edge, a couple of rock ledges jutted out slightly. After that, nothing but water and rocks far below. She sex pics walked back to the body, folded porn the tarp over it and taped it closed. The men were busy collecting the equipment and coiling the rope into a figure-eight-shaped pile.

When they were finished, she called them over to lift the body sex img search onto the backboard. hot sex pics After they had tied it securely to the board, John porn pictures and Rob took the front corners with Scott and Will at xxx the rear. Between them George and Brie carried the heavy coil of rope and the rest of the equipment. The group disappeared into the forest, navigating slowly down the rain-soaked trail. Glenn and Betty pulled up in front of the inn no more than fifteen minutes after the xxx others had left. They walked in the front door and were surprised to be greeted by only Howard and Alyssa.